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Speaker Earl Cox (Goodwill Ambassador to Israel)

In January 2012, Earl Cox along along with Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat, were named by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Good Will Ambassadors from Israel to Jewish and Christian communities around the world.

Presently Earl, along with his wife Kathleen, is actively crusading for Israel.  Since July 2001, Earl has been seen and heard on major television and radio stations across America and around the world.  His message has been for the people of God to unite by laying aside denominational and racial differences.  As a result of his ongoing media campaign, many churches and synagogues have come together with one voice in support of Israel.  During one of his trips to the Holy Land, Earl produced and voiced television spots for Israeli Channel 2 Television Network expressing support for the people of Israel.  Millions of Israelis and Arabs have been exposed to these spots over Israeli airwaves.  In addition to airing messages of support for Israel through the electronic media, Earl has also posted messages of support on billboards both here in the United States and in Israel.   Earl is continually working on programs and projects designed to encourage and strengthen the Jewish nation.  “Support for Israel” bus tours are among the many promotional tools Earl has used to garner support for the State of Israel.  His sights are currently set on internet television with plans in the works for special broadcasts and commentaries.

Earl's efforts on behalf of the State of Israel have earned him the respected title "Friend of Israel." Ehud Olmert, the former Prime Minister of Israel, named Earl “the voice of Israel to America.”  Earl has had the privilege of numerous personal meetings with senior ranking Israeli government officials and recognized leaders within Orthodox and Conservative Jewish communities.  Earl regularly travels to Israel to hand-deliver financial gifts to help meet specific needs such as the rebuilding of Yemin Orde Youth Village and Operation LifeShield and also to conduct interviews for Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network.  This is in addition to his efforts to establish open channels of communication between the Jewish and Christian communities here in America and in Israel.  Part of this effort includes the establishment of the American Christian Reserve (ACR) also known as Israel Always; an all-volunteer entity whose sole mission is to uplift and encourage the State of Israel and her people through the promotion of tourism to the Holy Land, by providing financial assistance to victims of terrorist attacks, aiding the terror-stricken economy by promoting Israeli products, educating the public concerning the rising tide of anti-Semitism, encouraging moral and financial support for Israel among churches and government leaders, organizing “Evening for Israel” rallies across America and speaking out against anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it is found.

During the Intifada and the war with Lebanon, Earl stood side by side on the front lines with the IDF soldiers providing them with encouragement and also with much needed supplies.

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