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Good Works Series Breakfast Honoring The Unknown Child Holocaust Project

$60,000 Raised!

June 9th 2014 ~ 7:30am to 9am at Landers Center Southaven MS Breakfast Speakers include Earl Cox Goodwill Ambassador to Israel and Rick Wienecke Sculptor.

The Unknown Child Foundation is established for the purpose of constructing and overseeing an open air exhibit depicting the 1.5 million children who perished needlessly in the horrific time known as the Holocaust.

In the fall of 2009, Horn Lake Middle School students were challenged to raise 1.5 million pennies, one for each of the children killed in the Holocaust. Students accepted the challenge, and the Unknown Child Pennies Project was born. In 2010, Horn Lake students were joined by a group of home school students from Germantown/Collierville, Generation SC, who were instrumental in helping bring the “Pennies Project” to completion. The Unknown Child Foundation was created for the purpose of “Giving Voice to the Children of the Holocaust” by providing a permanent location for the pennies.

Artist Rick Wienecke was commissioned to create the Unknown Child sculpture (seen below) depicting a full-size, faceless child in the ovens of Auschwitz. The Unknown Child rests in a stirring open-air setting (seen below on right) designed by architect, Doug Thornton, which features 12-foot tall Star of David walls proudly holding the over four tons of pennies collected.

Unknown child sculture by Rick Wienecke
{click to enlarge} Sculpture front and back by Rick Wienecke and Unkown Child site plan sketch

The Unkown Child Project

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